Rublic S.r.l.s. is a young Start-Up founded in Rome in 2015 that is responsible for developing innovative design solutions for energy integration.

The core business is the design and implementation of complementary street furniture with integrated devices for producing energy from renewable sources, to enable citizens to recharge their devices anywhere, at zero impact and for free.
The availability of public energy overcomes the performance limits of current and future batteries and impacts positively on the sociological aspects of changing, paving the way for the development of the “Smart City”.



Paolo – Architect and energy designer, member of the “Rome Official Architect Association” since 2013, worked in different international offices such as: “B.I.G. – Bjarke Ingels Group”, and “Massimiliano Fuksas”. Involved in public space and  renewable energies design processes, he participates actively in several International competitions and has been awarded with several worldwide reknown prizes such as Iconic Award, Well-Tech Award, MED Solutions and Land Art Generative Initiative.

Roberto – Architect and transportation system engineer with background in urban design, renewable energy and sustainable mobility. Exploring new ways of using technology, strategy, and design to create intelligent ecosystems for learning, making, and living, his works draws on a diversity of skills to invent mechanisms that leverage on different ways people evaluate needs and wants over limited resources.

Cosimo – Designer,  looks at the smart city market and our data to make it consumable, to tell a story – a story with love. He believes that data needs to be meaningful.




“RUBLIC” addresses the issue of public space and renewable energy from a revolutionary point of view

“Energy integration” and “Distributed production” are key-elements for the growth of sustainable and smart connected cities.

Accessing energy 24/7 allow to take advantage of the urban space in a totally innovative way, creating new places of socialization and learning.